MFCS & CSL 2010
Petrov - Cathedral of St. Peter, Brno


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CSL Accepted Papers

Barnaby Martin and Jos Martin.
The complexity of positive first-order logic without equality II: The four-element case

Kord Eickmeyer and Martin Grohe.
Randomisation and Derandomisation in Descriptive Complexity Theory

Peter Lohmann and Heribert Vollmer.
Complexity Results for Modal Dependence Logic

Lukasz Kaiser and Tobias Ganzow.
New Algorithm for Weak Monadic Second-Order Logic on Inductive Structures

Matthias Baaz and Christian Fermüller.
A Resolution Mechanism for Prenex G\“odel Logic

Yijia Chen and Jörg Flum.
On slicewise monotone parameterized problems and optimal proof systems for TAUT

Aldric Degorre, Laurent Doyen, Raffaella Gentilini, Jean-François
Raskin and Szymon Toruńczyk.
Energy and Mean-Payoff Games with Imperfect Information

Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg and Anton Setzer.
Inductive-inductive definitions

Neil Ghani, Patricia Johann and Clément Fumex.
Fibrational Induction Rules for Initial Algebras

Marcelo Fiore and Chung-Kil Hur.
Second-Order Equational Logic

Andreas Blass, Nachum Dershowitz and Yuri Gurevich.
Algorithms in a world without full equality: Toward a foundation of hybrid computing

Damien Pous.
Untyping Typed Algebraic Structures and Colouring Proof Nets of Cyclic Linear Logic

Dietrich Kuske, Jiamou Liu and Markus Lohrey.
The Isomorphism Problem for omega-Automatic Trees

Stefan Hetzl.
A Sequent Calculus with Implicit Term Representation

Bernd Finkbeiner and Sven Schewe.
Coordination Logic

Guillaume Bagan, Arnaud Durand, Emmanuel Filiot and Olivier Gauwin.
Efficient Enumeration for Conjunctive Queries over X-underbar Structures

Aditi Barthwal and Michael Norrish.
A Formalization of the Normal Forms of Context-Free Grammars in HOL4

Pierre-yves Strub.
Coq Modulo Theories

Christian Sternagel and René Thiemann.
Signature Extensions Preserve Termination – An Alternative Proof via Dependency Pairs

Alberto Carraro, Thomas Ehrhard and Antonino Salibra.
Exponentials with infinite multiplicities

Thomas Schwentick and Thomas Zeume.
Two-variable Logic with Two Order Relations

Yavor Nenov and Ian Pratt-Hartmann.
On the Computability of Region-based Euclidean Logics

Bob Coecke and Simon Perdrix.
Environment and classical channels in categorical quantum mechanics

Andre Platzer.
Quantified Differential Dynamic Logic for Distributed Hybrid Systems

Martin Churchill and James Laird.
A Logic of Sequentiality

Guillaume Burel.
Embedding Deduction Modulo into a Prover

Kaustuv Chaudhuri.
Classical and Intuitionistic Subexponential Logics are Equally Expressive

Delia Kesner and Beniamino Accattoli.
The structural lambda-calculus

Regis Alenda, Nicola Olivetti, Camilla Schwind and Dmitry Tishkovsky.
Tableau calculi for \CSL over minspaces

Stephen Cook and Lila Fontes.
Formal Theories for Linear Algebra

Alessandro Bianco, Fabio Mogavero and Aniello Murano.
Graded Computation Tree Logic with Binary Coding

Jose Espirito Santo.
Towards a canonical classical natural deduction system

Michael Benedikt, Clemens Ley and Gabriele Puppis.
Automata vs. Logics on Data Words