MFCS & CSL 2010
Petrov - Cathedral of St. Peter, Brno


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Travel Instructions

Visa issues

Czech Republic is a member of the European Union Schengen free movement area. This implies that in order to enter the Czech Republic it is necessary to obtain a valid Schengen visa, e.g. through the place-relevant Czech embasy or consul office. You may find the list of relevant countries of origin at the web page of the Czech Foreign Affairs ministry.

In case you need a letter confirming your participation in the main conferences or a satellite workshop, please send a request to Note that a confirmation letter can be issued only after registering and paying the conference fee. This is a part of our measures taken to prevent sending confirmation letters to people who do not want to participate in the conference but only obtain the visa. We apologize for any inconvenience, but every conference is regularly subjected to such attempts.

Getting to Brno

To find a suitable train or bus connection, we recommend to use the IDOS system. It also contains public transport timetables in major Czech cities (including Prague and Brno). Unfortunatelly, IDOS does not help you to find public transport connections in Vienna, but it is still able to find direct bus connections from the Vienna airport to Brno.

Train tickets can be purchased right before departure (credit cards are accepted). A reasonable option is to travel with Student Agency buses (direct buses from Prague and Vienna airport). You can buy your ticket in the bus (no credit cards); however, it is strongly recommended to reserve the ticket via Student Agency web page, because these buses use to be fully booked.

For international arrivals we recommend to take a flight to Prague, Vienna or Bratislava (if convenient). After arriving at the airport, it usually takes 3 to 4 hours by bus or train to arrive to Brno from any of these cities. Direct flights to Brno are also operated from Prague by Czech Airlines, usually twice a day.

View Brno-Prague-Wien-Bratislava in a larger map

Once in Brno, you will first want to get to the main tram and train station. If you arrived by train, just take the main exit out of the train station. If you arrived by bus, you will either be at the stop near the Grand Hotel or at the Zvonařka bus station in Brno. It takes just a few minutes to reach the nearest tram station.

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Flying via Prague

We recommend to use Student Agency buses. The company operates direct bus connections from Prague Airport to Brno center. However, you need to change the bus on the way – first, a small yellow shuttle takes you fro the airport to the main bus station “Florenc” in Prague, where you need to change and take an “ordinary” yellow bus which takes you to the “Grand Hotel” stop in Brno.

Another possibility is to use public transport, go to the Prague downtown, and then take a train or bus and go to Brno. To get downtown, you can use either the airport express bus, or an ordinary bus to “Dejvická” station. Buses to Brno leave from “Florenc” bus station, while trains leave either from “Praha Hlavni nadrazi” (the main station, recommended) or “Praha Holešovice” .

Flying via Vienna

There are “Student Agency” buses going directly from Vienna airport to Brno. Again, it is advised to book the ticket in advance from Student Agency.

Alternatively, you may go to Vienna downtown using the standard or CAT train to “Wien Mitte”. Then you can use the Vienna S-bahn (frequently operating and fast local train connection, much better than subway!) to get to “Wien Nord/Praterstern” and continue with Student Agency bus from the city center.

Train connection may appear more complicated at the moment, since the “Wien Sudbahnhof” is being reconstructed, but there is still a number of convenient connections. Once at “Wien Mitte”, you can reach all important train stations. Trains to Brno depart either from “Wien Meidling” (use S-bahn), “Wien Sudbahnhof ost” (use S-bahn) or Wien Westbahnhof (use subway). Also, almost all trains towards Brno stop at “Wien Meidling”, very close to “Wien Mitte” via subway. Both subway and S-bahn are in Vienna fast, convenient and safe. See plan of Vienna mass transit system and the web page on traffic limitations due to “Wien Sudbahnhof” reconstruction.

Flying via Bratislava

After you manage to get to the main train station, there are many fast trains going to Brno.

Flying to Brno:

There is a small international airport in Brno. Flights are operated by Czech Airlines from Prague twice a day (we recommend to ask your travel agent about this possibility). There are also low-cost flights from London to Brno operated by Ryanair. After leaving the airport, take a bus no. 76 to “Hlavní Nádraží” (Main train station) or hire a taxi.

Getting around Brno

All the trams and buses in Brno use the same tickets, you can buy them at yellow vending machines at most stops in the city. The basic ticket costs 18 Czech Crowns (~ 0.7 euro) and is good for 15 minutes.

Getting to the Faculty of Informatics

Take a tram no. 1 heading to “Řečkovice” or no. 6 heading to “Královo Pole, nádraží”, get out at “Hrnčířská” stop, then follow the map below. The entrance of the building is from the west side.

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Getting to the Continental hotel

Take a tram no. 1 heading to “Řečkovice” or no. 6 heading to “Královo Pole, nádraží”, get out at “Moravské náměstí” stop, then follow this map.

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Getting to Kounicova hotel

Take a tram no. 1 heading to “Řečkovice” or no. 6 heading to “Královo Pole, nádraží”, get out at “Šumavská” stop, then follow the map.

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Trams usually come every few minutes and the trip will take 10-15 minutes.

Google Maps can find directions using public transport in Brno.